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At Packlynx, you can easily select your packaging box by Industry Category. Packlynx is a leading and top-notch packaging company that manufactures all sorts of custom boxes, retail boxes, cosmetic, food and beverages boxes, display, and kraft box materials for various industries and companies.

Packlynx is a leading manufacturer of custom boxes and packaging products. We offer various custom-printed packages by industry for your brands and businesses. Use our advanced printing technology to get personalized, creative packaging solutions that will help enhance your products’ visual appeal while safeguarding them from external elements. You can select different boxes by industry according to your business.

1- Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Packlynx Packaging offers unique cosmetic boxes for purchase. At Packlynx, we provide different boxes with personalized features and printing in various shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a straightforward shape like a rectangle or circle or envision something more intricate like a hexagon, we can bring your vision to life.

For those seeking distinctive custom cosmetic boxes tailored to their specific products, we are well-equipped to fulfill your requirements. Our services encompass complete customization of the box’s visual presentation.

While the design ultimately rests in your hands, generating a truly unique and attention-grabbing concept might be challenging. In such instances, our team of experts is at your disposal to offer valuable guidance and assistance. Here at the cosmetic boxes, we strive to provide you with as many options as possible.


With our unlimited customization options, you can make any packaging that fits your needs. This can be overwhelming for most! With pages and pages of different design options, how do you go through them without losing your mind? Well, go through our “Box by Industry” page directly to your industry!

2- Custom Display Boxes

Packlynx offers the top custom display boxes. We manufacture display boxes of excellent quality that will undoubtedly catch your buyers’ attention. Additionally, we provide total customization and guarantee that all your needs are met.

We can make any shape you want, such as a circle, rectangle, or any other shape you like and have for your business.

In addition to customizing the box’s size and form, we create the most effective customization. We reproduce the prints entirely as you have designed them for printing on your box. Nonetheless, if you cannot create an original and appealing design, our team will assist you without charge.

We could also add ornaments like ribbons, bows, or any other embellishment that matches your merchandise to the box to make it shine.

3- Custom Gift Boxes

Want to add even more meaning to your gifts? Then put them into one of our lovely gift boxes. Elevate the significance of your gifts by encasing them within our exquisite gift boxes. What’s even more delightful? The freedom to personalize them as you want. These boxes offer flexibility in size, color, style, and finish, all of which can be tailored to align with your preferences.

The concept of Custom Gift boxes takes on a unique dimension as you select a design that resonates with your taste.

Whether your inclination is towards a refined and understated aesthetic with a single, solid color gracing the box or taking it up a notch by incorporating personalized text or images, the possibilities are boundless. These customizations lend an elegant simplicity or a customized touch, transforming each box into a reflection of your thoughtfulness.


Also, you can change the box’s shape. We will create a package using that design, whatever the gift’s size. It might be challenging to decide which plan to choose from with so many options. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry—our knowledgeable crew will assist you without charging you anything.

4- Food And Beverage Boxes

Food and beverage boxes are available at Packlynx in whatever size you like or shape you require. In addition, you have the option of changing the boxes’ appearance. You can choose a lively, busy print or a basic design.

Since the boxes are intended to contain edible items, meticulous attention is directed toward incorporating specific information through printing. This encompasses essential details such as the meal’s name, brand identity, expiry date, and a comprehensive list of ingredients.

Our chosen printing techniques are adept at maintaining the fidelity of colors true to their original shade and using bleed-proof paper to uphold intricate elements.

We present you with a versatile array of options in terms of finishing.

The choice lies between a refined matte finish or a striking gloss, with the possibility of incorporating Spot UV for added distinction. We extend supplementary services that lend a distinctive edge to elevate the boxes above the competition. Opting for a gold or silver foil bar imparts an opulent touch, enhancing the box’s allure. On the other hand, if a contemporary aesthetic is preferred, embossing emerges as an excellent choice, lending a modern charm.

Incorporating diverse textures and patterns further enhances the boxes’ visual depth, creating a striking three-dimensional effect. Crafted from premium-grade paper, these boxes ensure the preservation of food freshness. Their design maintains the original flavor of the enclosed food items while providing a protective barrier against any potential tainting.

5- Custom Retail Boxes

The retail box is explicitly designed for use on display shelves in retail stores. Retail packaging, often called product packaging, contains particular information and instructions about the product and its usage. It is easy to understand, but it contains valuable information and ensures the service will be high quality.

These boxes are valued because their presence increases the value of the product that they hold. Retail boxes are adopted by virtually all businesses in the modern world, regardless of how large or small the firm may be, and they are trendy. Customers want the ability to select the items they want and receive personalized packaging for their purchases.

6- Custom Kraft Boxes

Many industries produce products that need perfect and customized packaging boxes according to their specifications. In this regard, the packaging material is essential, protects the quality of the product, and attracts all the buyers in the retail market.

Kraft box material is a paper-based packaging option used widely for different products readily available in the packaging market. Kraft boxes are a nature-friendly and biodegradable material that doesn’t pollute the environment.

Additionally, it is a durable paperboard; made of virgin pulp fibers. Recyclability and reusability are significant features of Custom Kraft Boxes. You can also produce new packaging boxes with recycled boxes.

A notable advantage lies in its feather-light quality, ensuring convenient transportation for purchasers and contributing to a delightful consumer experience.

This intrinsic lightness doesn’t compromise its strength, making it an ideal choice across various industries. Notably, sectors like the jewelry and food industries find Kraft paper tailor-made for their product packaging needs, further underscoring its versatility.

7- Metalized Boxes

Get layers and foiling on the boxes. Silver and gold foil layered boxes are luxury in style and look decent to the customers. Metalized boxes are cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft material-made cartons; that look like silver and gold metal made.

This is just because of their fascinating and finishing look. Do you know how these look-alike silver and gold bars? This is because these simple-material-made cartons are layered in gold and silver sheets. Moreover, the whole box or carton can be metalized. Contrary to this, some specific parts can also be metalized.

For the customization and personalization of the box, great efforts are required. We have all shapes and sizes of metalized boxes. You can also add some typography or formatting in silver and gold foiling.

Packlynx has many options for the metal foiling on the boxes.

Mainly, these are used to make the packaging appealing, attractive, and elegant. You can add your logo and artwork printed on them, and we will deliver them to your doorstep within 8 business days.

We have the shortest 3 step procedure: sampling, printing, and delivery. These customized metalized cartons are used for all kinds of products; retail, cosmetics, gifts, and luxury items.