When you access this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions: These terms and conditions apply to packlynx.com, and the company reserves the right to change the content at any time, with or without prior notice. However, if you want to keep yourself informed, it is always wise to revisit the page often.

1. Ownership and Copyright

You are reminded that this printing is our property and was printed by you on our computers. These will only be disclosed only when the law allows. This helps protect our rights in case we decide to share and use the free sample printed items to showcase your items on the website.

2. Copyright Notice

In return for using this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:  All written documents, numbers, data, graphics, photographs, images, illustrations, maps, designs, icons, logos, and other materials on Packlynx.com, including those of third parties, are considered content.

3. Would it be appropriate for users to engage in certain activities while accessing our website?

You are responsible for any data you add to our website, such as text and images. You also agree and understand that any material you upload, submit, share, advertise, or make available or included through the use of this website or in connection with any of the contents of this website shall not be in any way a violation of any third party’s copyright, trademark, service mark, or any other proprietary right, including without limitation, a copyrighted work if you have not acquired the necessary permissions from the rightful owner to make such use. You further acknowledge and affirm that the Packlynx.com website prohibits you from uploading, sharing, selling, or distributing any content that is obscene, libellous, or infringes on the intellectual property of Packlynx.com or any third party.

As a messenger between one user and another, we do not influence what our website users post; therefore, we cannot guarantee the nature of a post and its shared decency and morality.  It is challenging to control the obscene, unlawful, or abusive information on the Web; thus, we cannot take responsibility for this.

It also indicates that we waive any responsibility to delete any material that may be obscene, abusive, unlawful, in violation of the terms and conditions, or is considered objectionable in any way.

The company also retains the right to modify the content on our website or disseminate it if necessary to comply with legal procedures, address a violation of service terms, respond to claims that the content infringes on or limits their or third parties’ assets, or safeguard the property or security of our website and its users.

4. Use of Personal Information

This must be done to ensure that the site provides the correct information regarding our products, which has been one of your responsibilities. This website should only be used for informational, non-commercial purposes and should not be used actively or passively by designers or by any other computer programs.

Accurate information must be posted on the site to achieve our products, which you have delegated as a responsibility. Designers or other automated systems should not use this website for anything other than informational purposes. We will promptly deal with any unlawful activity that violates the guidelines and regulations stated on Packlynx.com by the legal agreement.

Suppose you are a customer of the company placing an order on our website. In that case, you now confirm that you possess the necessary rights, permissions, and authority to place an order with the company through the website to use the client’s resources to produce unique products. You also warrant that the point is that, for your acting as a customer, if it is necessary, you have the legal capacity if you meet something, as well as being able to watch legal provisions or measures.

When you use any registered account, it is your sole responsibility to protect it from unauthorized access by anybody, especially on our website, through passwords. You will benefit significantly if someone gains access to your account and orders something from our website. When you share your account or create, edit, or copy content from our website, you or any user with access to the account acknowledges that you agree to these terms and conditions. The site collects the user’s email and name to enable them to use the site’s features and services and log into their account later. The website may require any other details or business information, depending on the situation.

The password is the most sensitive detail you have registered with us, and it is your responsibility to ensure that nobody can access it. Suppose you misuse the password or someone gains unauthorized access to your account. In that case, we will cover all misuse of our website and customer information, whether in the private or public domain.

5. Shipping and Delivery

The default shipping policy of Packlynx.com does not include any liability for damages incurred during the shipment. You must file a claim for lost or damaged shipments within six business days of the package’s dispatch date. Not only do we print on our press here in America, but our company also has overseas printing shops to provide a much better value for clients.

By using our website, you agree to and comply with Packlynx.com’s privacy policies. Regarding your personal information and business, you confirmed that you had read the company’s privacy policy, which may use the details provided in this document.

6. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Packlynx.com, including its members, directors, employees, representatives, vendors, suppliers, affiliates, and subcontractors, from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, charges, demands, or arbitration, action, or proceeding initiated against us, based on, relating to, or arising from the alleged wrongful acts of users or claiming that the printing performed or product produced by us and ordered by the customer: (a) violates any copyright, patent or another proprietary right of any person; or (b) is threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene or in any way constitute a violation of rights under applicable law; and (c) fits into any area protected by password in this website. You will indemnify and defend us about the claim and anything else. You will be responsible as follows: (1) defending us against any such claim; (2) paying for any judgment or award arising from the claim; and (3) paying for any legal fees and expenses incurred by us that are reasonably related to the claim.

Packlynx.com, along with its members, directors, employees, representatives, vendors, suppliers, affiliates, and subcontractors, disclaims all liability for any injury, death, loss, claim, damage, act of God, accident, delay, or any extraordinary, punitive, incidental amounts or consequential loss of any kind, whether incurred contractually or by operation of law, arising from or related to the use of this website.

To make it clear, you will receive our design files at 72 DPI, which is not very high resolution. But if you would like to get design files of higher definition, you should contact Packlynx.com as soon as possible.

8. Customer-Submitted Artwork

This should be in copies, and in any color mode should be in CMYK, and the resolution of any text, artwork, designs, or images should not be less than 300 DPI. It is important to be aware that the shift will occur between the two-color models that are being used, RGB and CMYK. It also holds that packlynx.com is not responsible for images, that customers want to be printed in sharp vision clear, and well-defined, they receive them in a blurred or distorted way because of artwork by the customer.

9. Proofs and Color Accuracy

In our printing products and services, we insist on approving proofs of the electronic files that customers upload to us. This implies we won’t print a job in the press without your approval. You are fully responsible if you fail to log into your account and check your proof. The client should not anticipate that packlynx.com will shoulder the responsibility for the order processing delay resulting from the unapproved evidence. Please note that the approved proof limits the stated order turnaround time.

Examine the proof compared to the original file to identify any errors in layout, copy, spacing, punctuation, image alignment and proportion, bleeds, crops, and final text. Glitches such as transparency, overprint, and distinguishing between RGB, Pantone, or CMYK are not visible in an electronic proof.

As previously stated, it is critical to understand that UV coating or lamination can change or alter the colors of printed images. If you intend to use the laminated material you sent to us to achieve a specific color appearance, PrintBlue assumes no liability for the final product’s appearance. The customer is responsible for all writing and typing the final, approved proof.

We will reproduce color copies from submitted print-ready files as closely as possible, but the client should understand that we cannot guarantee an exact match in density and color.

It’s crucial to understand that, due to the printer’s capacity limitations and the characteristics of the ink near the image, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors. We provide the project and services on our site ‘as is ‘ without express or implied warranty. If you place an order with us, you relinquish any legal claim. Therefore, screen proofs approved herein shall not bind us to any responsibility regarding color matching or ink density. If you want us to send you a hard copy of the printout, we will guarantee the color of homogeneity. This means that a proof hard copy will attract an extra charge.

10. Materials

Please note that the paper or card stock we use to print those products is not for food use. Any particular surface that is food-grade must be communicated in writing immediately. Please advise us of any special requirement concerning the paper stock, particularly the type that should be food-grade, before placing your order with us.

Packlynx.com shall not be held responsible for errors in the final printed product, such as

·       As a result, there are spots in spelling and grammar

·       Font mistakes

·       Illustration punctuation, blemishes

·       Mistaken fonts

·       Die lines

·       Trimming marks

·       Breaks in folds

·       Overprinting errors

·       Variation in the size of finished products

11. Payment Information, Ordering, and Cancellations

Our website displays the prices of all our services and product offerings in USD (U.S. dollars). Payment will also be received in the same currency. An outstanding balance will be collected before the parts are delivered. The company initiates work to complete the ordered initial work upon confirmation of payment of the amount due as stated per the order—taxes, shipping fees, et cetera—from a secure payment avenue.

Order placement also entails providing the company with the final version of the product or service by mailing or physically delivering the ordered product or service file or hard copy you want the company to develop for your needs. All printing-related tasks are then submitted to the press department once you have decided what you need from us. After the task is given to the press department, there is no way that they can alter some aspects, like the timing and design.

However, with proof approval, it is possible to cancel the order, provided there are still 4 hours left within the creation and delivery period. To cancel this order, you must pay $ 25 as an administration fee plus 5% of the total value of the order you placed. Customers may also opt out of the order they placed 24 hours after placing it through a Section 45 notice. Still, they will be charged 50% of the price they agreed to pay for their order since the company has incurred time and other resources required to prepare their order while they wanted it canceled. Nonetheless, the company makes it straightforward to its clients that an order cannot be canceled if it is beyond the 24-hour time frame it set.

12. Design Orders

Packlynx.com’s policy does not allow refunds on design services once an order has been paid for. In this situation, the customer cannot cancel the order, and the total amount paid will be non-refundable.

13. Sales Tax Policy

Customers who order within this state must also pay sales tax—for customers within IL. If you are tax-exempt, the company needs a copy of the tax-exemption certificate when ordering your products.

14. The rate at which finished products are produced, goods shipped out, and orders delivered to clients or customers

Once payment or the total amount for the order is made to a company or sent to the company, and after discussion about the artwork/file either in physical format or in a digital format and once the mutual content of the artwork is agreed upon by both the parties and this artwork is reviewed by the press department, then the production speed and the printing turnaround time start. When ordering something, you can choose the speed of reproduction, which states the number of workdays from the printing to the shipping. You should approve the proof before a set deadline of 10 in the morning Central Standard Time (CST).

To ensure you receive your products, the Company and its employees do their best to facilitate your order’s delivery via shipping. The delivery of products is contingent upon the timely shipment of the consignment; hence, in the case of any delay, packlynx.com shall not be held responsible for any losses/damages that may arise due to the delay in transportation. Customers understand that the company does not burden weather conditions and customs; thus, we cannot fully measure delays. If there is a problem with the kind of print being produced, then the amount charged is deserved whether or not orders are processed back due to a delay in the printing process.

Option: You are required to pay all the amounts related to customs duties and fees while shipped to different locations. Typically, the customer must release all amounts for customs for the products to be shipped across the USA borders. The products usually take 10 to 12 days for standard shipping while a short time of 6 to eight days for express shipping, though it lasts 2 to 3 days for ground shipping, and there is no additional charge for weight and quantity for shipping within the USA.

With this knowledge, additional charges will be levied should the goods be shipped elsewhere. Delivery transit times and any loss/damage by the service provider to products shall be the responsibility of the individual customer and not the company. In the legal sense, it is unlawful to pin the company for any loss in transportation. Despite this, such incidents may qualify for consideration less than six working days after shipment. Suppose you entered the wrong addresses for the shipment delivery or made any other mistake while completing the delivery address for the goods. In that case, there will be extra charges for reshipment.

15. Some of the effects of the implementation of the changes to the website are as follows:

We will have the discretion to alter any section on the website, including the terms and conditions governing its usage, without having to give any prior notice to the users or customers. These changes will be incorporated into the new Terms of Services and uploaded to our website for clients to access. These changes will be deemed to take effect immediately. This means that you have read, understood, and will agree to be bound by any changes whenever we reinstate them on our site, which you use continually.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be ruled by and shall be construed in agreement with the laws of [Jurisdiction]. The law of [Jurisdiction] shall be the law that shall apply to this agreement in relation to any legal proceedings in connection with it.

17. Severability

Any determination of invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability of any particular term or condition, to the extent of its application to any stipulated circumstance, shall not invalidate all terms and conditions. Then, such term or condition shall remain in full force and effect to the extent permitted under the laws.

We believe that anyone wishing to engage our services will find the following terms and conditions clearly stated and easily understandable. We also want to attract your attention to possibly using our prime packing line. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at the following e-mail address: sales@packlynx.com.