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Design Your Own Box Packaging For Your Brand packlynx (2024)


Introduction to Packlynx

Packlynx sells tech accessories innovatively designed for efficiency. Follow these steps to showcase their brand through equally clever box designs.An innovator in tech accessories, packlynx seeks elevated packaging complementing their minimalistic, efficient brand.

Packlynx Brand Identity

Incorporate teal, orange and white branding your audience associates with reliability and progress. Modernize their lynx logo across tactile surfaces. 

Box vs Mailer Designs

Experiment digitally. Will padded mailers better safeguard iPhone adapters economically or can nested corrugate boxes maximize LED brick protection sublimely?


Define Packaging Dimensions

Measure items precisely. Investigate flattened mailers versus boxes nesting tiers of goods saving footprint. Seek dimensions unlocking assembly line streamlining.

Develop Concept Boards

Browse boxy lines and intersecting planes stimulating ideas. Capture unboxing pleasant surprises without clutter for minimalist tastes.

Design Digital Mockups

Dummy product images inside layered Photoshop templates visualize size combinations. Rotate views showcasing textures in three dimensions.

Refine Design Details

Finalize graphics, legal disclosures and production annotations. Gather stakeholder assessments narrowing options for printing trials.

Prepare Files for Printing

Deliver print-ready PDFs, color profiles and FPO samples. Greenlight production painlessly through organized files streamlining corrections.


Well-designed packaging amplifies the Packlynx brand message. Their products inspire ingenious solutions – so too their boxes! Contact for next-level fulfillment solutions.


Q: How do I ship internationally?

A: Consult carriers on documentation, customs forms and dim/weight limits. Add international packaging designs for global customers.

Q: What adhesives work best?

A: Water-based, hot melt and modified starch glues suit corrugate. Acid-free tapes protect against light damage for archival storage.

Q: How do I display packaging graphics?

A: Hang finished sample boards, mount cardstock options into standing frames or present on a digital design tablet for feedback.

Q: Are there sustainable packaging options?

A: Consider recycled/recyclable papers and plant-based adhesives. Minimize excess materials through engineering efficiency into designs.

Q: How do I brand unusual item shapes?

A: Follow geometry with die-lines for rigid or flexible molded inserts cradling odd forms. Perforated sheets achieve unique silhouettes.

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